Naked as the Dust

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I don’t know if it’s just me. I mean, I hope it’s not but you know how it is. You meet someone that, in some mysterious almost unknowable way changes you forever. Again, you don’t know how they changed you but they just did and there’s probably no way, outside of a miracle, they’ll ever know that because you’re both headed in different directions. That happened to me. It must have been at least a year and a half ago and I’m still reeling from it. That’s what this song is about. Waking up every day feeling like you’ve lost something you never had.


Naked as the Dust

Naked as the dust on the days we were born. Our stars we aligned with a story in mind. And I’m breaking as I rust. Never meant to hurt what I couldn’t understand. But I am a dangerous man. A dangerous man.

Maybe it’s better to have never loved when we can’t keep anything forever.

I would gladly hurt if it had meant that you had broken my heart. I can’t see a way that I’ll ever get the chance to lose you now. Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder why I can’t say what I mean. I guess there’s a ghost in the mirror, I can’t believe it’s me. Naked as the dust I came as.

I blame it, but it’s not that. I play it, but it’s not that. I pay for an alibi, so I don’t have to wonder why we haven’t talked forever, or really maybe like ever. It could have been nothing, but I feel like we could have had something. Maybe I misread it, could have let it get out of hand but I am a dangerous man.

I don’t want to love you. I don’t want to love you anymore. What good is it to love when you’ll never be enough and all that I can be for you is everything you need to lose? What good is it to promise when all I’ve ever done is run away for battles run away for you ?

We Are Also Very Lonely

We Are Also Very Lonely is an atmospherical comedy that explores our relationship with social media as contrasted by the world we really live in” is what I would have said if it were true. (Un)fortunately it is not. It is not because We Are Also Very Lonely was an accident.

Allow me to elaborate…


This Story Never Ends…

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why we love stories. Even the best come to an end. Books are little more than a cage to house tame narratives and whet our visceral appetites for truly adventurous living. This should come as no surprise: at some point every character we fall in love with will have to leave. Even in our fairytales, it will always be “they” who live “happily ever after.” Where does that leave us? The close of a good book is the lowering of our breathless imagination into the dirt of the imaginary world we’ve come to love. We are left behind and hardly morned as our newly-made friends venture “further up and further in.”