FundingLogic is a ground-breaking non-profit fundraising curriculum that has been in the works for over 40 years and has been used to raise over
1 Billion dollars.

  • Creative Direction
  • Branding
  • Print Design
  • Web Design
  • Icon Design
  • Film & Motion


Original Brand

The FundingLogic method was developed over 40 years of hard work. There was no brand during this time. The founder's son asked my team to develop a brand that would position FundingLogic to grow.

I was brought on board shortly after the original brand was finalized to design a simple landing page website and a series of icons for each curriculum section.

See the Landing Page Here



After I finished the website I proposed a rebrand. I wanted the brand to reflect the legacy of the FundingLogic curriculum. The new brand was built on three basic ideas that are fundamental to the FundingLogic method.

Expert Guidance

The FundingLogic team provides experienced guidance on the confusing journey of fundraising. The brand should reference this journey.

Visionary Process

The members of the FundingLogic team see far ahead and are able to share valuable insight with their clients. The brand should reflect this mysterious quality.

Rational Creativity

The FundingLogic approach is logical and based in experience and research. The brand should communicate this distinctive.

We used impossible geometry imagery to convey the seemingly magical success of the systematic approach FundingLogic takes to helping organizations raise support.



During the rebrand, FundingLogic was acquired by the Impact Foundation and merged with their Impact Institute. They commissioned my team and I to retrofit the brand for use in the larger Impact Institute curriculum. 

Updated Logo

The impossible geometry logo was replaced with a simple wordmark in a lockup with the Impact Foundation icon.


We extended the brand with an iconography system. I started with a series of icons that correspond with the curriculum categories.

print Layouts

The icons were used in the layout template series for the text-heavy print curriculum.

Training Videos

Along with the print curriculum, we produced a series of simple training videos to introduce potential clients to the FundingLogic system.