Botlink is a cloud connected platform that lets you operate your drones simply, safely, and securely. They brought me on as a creative direction consultant to help them prepare their brand and product for their beta launch.

  • Creative Direction
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Interface Design
  • Film


We wanted to build a brand that communicated the three values of the Botlink platform: Simplicity, Safety, and Security.


We hit on the concept of the hexagon as a symbol for stability in the natural world and modularity in the tech world.


A pattern system was developed as a fill for the many blocks of solid color in the identity.





An illustration system was developed for marketing the product features.

Drone Info

Airspace Awareness

Aircraft Avoidance



I worked as a designer with a team of developers to prototype the first Botlink Android app: Botlink Pilot.

The powerful functions of the app had to be strategically shown and hidden so they wouldn't be a distraction to the pilot when not in use.

Web Dashboard

I also lead the effort to prototype a web dashboard for large scale platform execution.

Marketing Video

After my time as Creative Director I also participated as an editor on another team that produced a marketing video package for the Botlink launch.

I was responsible for working with the director, DP, writer, and colorist to imagine the ways Botlink's product can positively affect the world.